Renovation progress after 30 days

Like many others flat in Oslo former owner had been decided to build a wall for making extra bedroom in this Apartment which was already one time divided before to 2 smaller apartments in this building! It was not such a smart idea to make a small unpractical bedroom when this apartment plan was ruined enough due to dividing in some smaller property before. This tiny bedroom (which barely could has a single bed inside) was just blocking the sunlight from entry and unusual tight dark closed kitchen (clearly this dark corner was not kitchen before apartment get divided)


Now we will have some natural light back + nice dining space!


Old house, not any renovation and good take care of it till now, it increase risk of leaking in bathroom and I was right.

We decided to make bathroom from scratch and more truth about this flat history revealed. From what we can see on first layer on wall which was hidden behind tile here was old kitchen or laundry room.

& here is some photos of bathroom progressing…..


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