My signature on Frogner

Today I’m working in Frogner area. one of most interesting region in Oslo with significant old buildings. Old buildings may look fascinating from out but also they may look sometimes tired inside, that’s why people who love to live in old buildings come to me and asking to give new spirit and freshness to their tired home while keeping character and history of it! our story starting by: An old flat in bad condition with lot of potential which need to rebuild from scratch. An owner with limit budget and high exceptions (Up to 500k for refurbishing – renovating, furnishing and designing). I smell some challenges! And all this lucky owner needed was a smart and affordable designer like me. here we go, this is pictures of how I got the key of this flat. follow me step by step and see where we end up! Enjoy your free and exciting journey.

New Season, new face of Shima shots!

After moving to a new region, and after some time of not updating, today I’m back again to work, with a new look for my website! My winter in 2018 was as tough as a winter in Norway this year, with lots of challenges and unpredictable incidents. Moving to new country is never easy and it is harder when you need to move from city to city till you find the best place for yourself. After living in 6 different countries it looks like I will settle down in the land of auroras and fjords, Norway. My feelings about this country is combination of hate and love! I found Norway as a rough or even sometimes cruel society, especially for immigrants. It’s is as rough as its nature, the cold wind blows in your face if you don’t know how you should face it.

I had bad luck and met a couple of bad people in the first months after my arrival, which made my life for while a disaster, and I went through to some unfair games and I found out that even in Norway justice is only for rich people. But at the end Norway didn’t kill me, it made me stronger! And today I’m proud to myself for winning this battle.

I do admire the Norway’s nature, I do love the peace and coziness I’ve got here. Well I’ve been living in Switzerland and Sweden which were more or less similar for me, so I may have stronger reason for wanting stay here!